LandMark Surveys encourages enquiries from self-motivated people regarding the possibility of employment. Whether a qualified surveyor, or currently undertaking studies in surveying, or other fields of spatial sciences, a graduate or school leaver, we would like to hear from you. Even if you would like to get some information about what a career in surveying may offer, please contact us.

Possible positions;

  • Trainee

  • Graduate Surveyor

  • Survey technician

  • Surveyor

With LandMark Surveys you will;

  • Work in both the office and the outdoors in an academically challenging profession.

  • Work with technologies such as GPS/GNSS, Robotic Total Stations, UAS for aerial surveys.

  • Work with sophisticated software for calculations, drafting & 3D modelling.

  • Work with a company that strives to improve its position in the spatial information industry.

  • Have the opportunities of flexible work arrangements to accommodate part-time study.

  • Work in a supportive and friendly work environment.

Surveying as a career

Surveying is concerned with the measurement, management, analysis and display of spatial information describing the earth, its physical features and the built environment.

Modern surveying deals with more than just measurement, it is also about computer graphics, information systems and spatial analysis. Surveying and Spatial Information Systems is a phrase that encompasses the traditional discipline which covers cadastral & engineering surveying, geodesy, land management, satellite positioning, photogrammetry and hydrography – but also includes fields such as remote sensing, cartography, geographic information systems.

A good level of mathematical understanding is the common requirement for all areas of surveying and spatial information sciences. In addition, the use of computers and/or a range of instruments make Science & IT good grounding subjects.

Surveying & Spatial Information Systems offers career options for anyone.  Surveying is a rapidly developing set of disciplines that bridge outdoor activity with office environment utilizing the latest computer based technology. Surveyors & SI Specialists are involved many fields of the measurement sciences including capture and manipulation of data which is used for many applications in resource and environmental management, surface and terrain mapping, urban and rural planning.

A surveyor might be involved in;

  • Satellite Surveying - precise positioning using Global Satelite Navigation Systems (GNSS/GPS) in a broad range of applications (e.g. movement of the earths’ tectonic plates, glaciological research, geodetic and local survey control, cadastral surveys, civil construction setout & machine guidance).

  • Hydrography – mapping the sea bed and waterways for safer navigation off-shore resource management and Defence purposes.

  • Engineering Surveying – calculations and setout for all engineering projects including building and civil (roads, bridges, utility services, etc.).

  • Industrial Measurement using machine and robot vision systems.

  • Cadastral Surveying – the study of the law and practice of determining property boundaries.

  • Land Management and Development – project management for land development, environmental assessment, use of computer databases for utility management, planning and administration.

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – computer based information systems for spatial data visualization and analysis.

  • Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing – the use of images taken by airborne and space vehicles for mapping, environmental monitoring and natural resource mapping and management.

  • Computer Aided mapping.

Surveying appeals to people who;

  • Enjoy working outdoors and like the lifestyle of a mix of office and work in the field.

  • Possess Tertiary Qualifications – University or CIT/TAFE

  • Have an interest in the latest technology including advanced satellite positioning. Precise measurement equipment, computer drafting, computer networks, advanced communication technologies, etc.

  • Have an interest in mathematics and computing and geography.

  • Enjoy travel, both nationally and internationally.

  • Enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.

  • Like to work in the city or country.

Modern surveying is witnessing an explosion in high tech data management. Australia doesn't have enough young surveyors, so job opportunities are good.