Mayfair Apartments

A residential and commercial development consisting of 191 apartments adjacent to the centre of Canberra city, on the corner of West Row and Alinga Street.

Landmark Surveys are supplying the following surveying services 

  • Re-determination of the boundaries of the subject land. This area of the city has many survey marks destroyed by development over the years, particularly along Marcus Clarke Street. The boundaries will require rigorous investigation to ensure no issues arise regarding encroachments. Landmark Surveys have considerable experience with boundary re-determination in the City area.
  • Establishing AHD level control for the project.
  • Construction set-out and monitoring to enable the building and its’ elements to be constructed to design, vertical and within the boundaries. 
  • Survey Certification upon completion of the building and associated structures identifying the relationship to boundaries.
  • As-Built survey of the verge works to the building frontages to TAMS specifications.
  • A Stratum Subdivision of the proposed structure into two (2) vertical lots.
  • Survey and preparation of a unit plan.

An interesting aspect of this project for Landmark Surveys is the surveying and vertical division of the subject land into strata. Called a Stratum Subdivision, each stratum is bound horizontally like a regular subdivision but defined by reference to the Australian Height Datum for the upper and lower extent of the space.

It is understood this is only the second time such a land division has been attempted in the ACT and is a concept Authorities and developers/owners will have to embrace with the changing nature of land ownership and administration.