Royalla Solar Farm

Landmark Surveys had significant involvement in this project from February 2013 to the completion of construction in September 2014.

At the time of construction, Royalla Solar Farm was been billed as Australia's largest. The 20 megawatt Royalla Solar Farm was developed by a Spanish company, is made up of 83,000 solar panels and has the capacity to power more than 4,500 ACT homes. The ACT Government said it was the first large-scale solar farm to be connected to the national electricity grid.

Landmark Surveys are supplyed the following surveying services

  • Topographic survey of the 86 hectare site
  • Set-out for construction including, but not limited to; Internal roads and entry, sediment/settlement ponds, transformer sites, piers for solar panels, fencing, maintenance buildings and substations, 11km of underground cable to the Theodore substation site, extension to the Theodore substation.
  • Work as executed/as-built surveys for underground services, road and civil works.
  • Measurement and preparation of a sublease plan required to secure land tenure for the site for lodgement with the Registrar-Generals Office.
  • Survey and preparation of easement documentation over the 11kV underground cable that feeds into the Theodore substation situated approximately 11km from the solar farm site. The easements are required to ensure legal access for the solar farm operators to maintain their infrastructure which passes through land leased by others.