Underground Utility Detection

Many of the essential services to households and businesses are delivered by underground pipes and cables. Accidents caused by excavation digging-up or severing services can create significant disruptions to services leading to costly delays of projects and large damage bills.

It is estimated that 25% of the budget for a major road construction project is assigned to relocating and the provision of utility services.

Knowing the location of buried assets is important to avoid costly damage when excavating, and for the planning and design of construction and future infrastructure. A new Australian Standard for Subsurface Utility Information has been introduced - AS5488; suitably qualified surveyors are the only profession with the knowledge and equipment to provide spatial positioning measurements to achieve Quality A as defined by the Standard.

LandMark Surveys took on underground service detection in 2009 to add value to our surveying services, avoiding costly delays in dealing with two to three sub-contractors coordinating the detection and survey.. We aim to provide an efficient "one-stop shop" service for underground utility detection, location, survey and mapping by combining the following;

  • Telstra accreditation for optic fibre and copper cable location.
  • Hydro-vacuum non-destructive excavation to locate services.
  • Modern surveying equipment including GPS/GNSS and total-stations.
  • Comprehensive survey calculation and drafting software.