Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Surveying  

LandMark Surveys’ new UAV mapping system now complements the Company’s traditional surveying services by providing cost-effective, rapid response aerial surveying.

LandMark Surveys’ Chief Pilot and UAV Controller is certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Our operations are certified by CASA to comply with the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1988.

An Unmanned Aerial System, UAS, consists of a UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drone which is the aircraft component, plus other system components such as camera, computer tablet, route planning software, GPS/GNSS guidance, communication equipment.

UAS technology is rapidly being adopted for many applications in industries such as waste management, quarry operations, civil construction, mining, energy and utilities, precision agriculture, emergency services, environmental and heritage applications and timeline photography.

Where appropriate Aerial Surveying by UAS will provide advantages over traditional surveying techniques;

  • Improved productivity in survey of large areas is completed in a fraction of the time. A 30 minute flight will capture data that may take a week of ground survey.
  • Improved safety by reducing or eliminating the need for surveyors to take measurements on the ground around heavy machinery or in areas that are inaccessible due to fall hazards etc.
  • Improved or more accurate data capture of steep excavation or rock faces.
  • Production of a geo-referenced orthomosaic or true scale aerial photography, to enhance the survey deliverables.
  • Rapid workflow from acquisition to data delivery.
  • Significant operational cost savings meaning site conditions can be captured more regularly.
  • Greater number of surveyed points means ground modelling provides a better representation of the actual surface.